Energy Efficiency at the Gray Rock Inn

Energy¬†conservation is one of our primary values at the Gray Rock. That’s why we’ve done major renovations at our inn to lower our ecological footprint.

Solar panels on the Gray Rock Inn
solar panels
front of the Gray Rock Inn

How We Reduced Our Energy Usage by Over 50% at the Gray Rock Inn

Buildings use about 40% of the energy needed annually in the United States. Older buildings use proportionally much higher amounts than newer ones built under energy codes. Older buildings that have been rebuilt can perform better than new ones due to their greater mass of stone and brick.

The Gray Rock Inn was one of those older energy hogs.

We refitted the building with insulation, double pane windows, solar hot water, lighting, and lots of caulk, resulting in significant savings and reduction of heating need.

In 1911 there were no energy codes. Heating was provided by coal fireplaces and a coal furnace/radiator system. We still use the radiators, but power them with natural gas, a much cleaner alternative to coal. Solar panels heat the water that comes out of your sink and shower faucets.

When we remodeled and cleaned up the building, we dealt with a lot of black coal dust. Don’t let anybody tell you coal is clean. It is not. Ask me how I know. Natural gas is a big improvement, though it is still a fossil fuel. Solar is the best, cleanest, most renewable resource. And of course, once the infrastructure is in place to capture it, the solar inputs are free.

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