The Gray Rock Inn Writing Project seeks submissions. Authors, journalists, and writers are invited to craft short stories based on the Inn’s history. The stories can be works of fiction or creative nonfiction but must use historic details of both Asheville and the Inn itself. One character in each story must be a guest, resident, or employee of the Inn. Stories will be commissioned by the Inn for publication in sources such as a blog, print anthology, podcast, and social media content.

Submission Guidelines

1. At present (as of Jan. 1, 2023) The Gray Rock Inn Writing Project is paying $300 per story. The story becomes the sole property of GRI. The writer will be credited for the work by name and may adapt it for production in other media, including without limitation, film, video. The writer may also publish the story on their own social media, website, blog, podcast, print publication, etc.

2. All submissions must be sent to us in Word format (.doc or .docx) or as a link to a Google doc. Please include your name and address somewhere on the document. Send your submission to

3. We do not print material that has previously been published elsewhere.

4. As a rule, short stories should be about 1200 to 2500 words. Each story should be set in Asheville, N.C., between 1911 and present day. The Gray Rock Inn must at least be mentioned in the story. We would prefer that it be featured prominently and one of the characters in the story stays there, works there, or is in some other way associated with the Inn. Historic times and events should be researched for accurate detail, though the story and its characters can be fictional.

5. Writers will be consulted on all significant editing done on their articles and will have the opportunity to read the final version before it’s published. The Gray Rock Inn reserves the right to edit and revise stories; authors will still be paid for revised works that are published.

6. Payment will be sent by mail within a week of publication.